Where in the world are we


Haiti was a natural choice for us at June Lite Super Foods.  Our interest in Haiti initially started with our partner Monica.  Growing up in Haiti, she is hyper aware of the need for nutrient rich foods that are inexpensive and easily accessible. Another focus of hers and now ours, is to bring jobs to the local farming community that will help feed their families and provide income steming from a national and international demand for teff.

Collectively, we recognize the need to help develop their agricultural panorama. We believe, there is no better way to make this a reality than with a highly nutritious crop that will grow bountifully in their beautiful climate and fertile soils year round. 

We are committed to growing the job force locally. Partnering with like minded people on the ground, adds a wealth of access and first hand knowledge, highlighting the most efficient and effective ways of educating the locals about the dietary and agricultural values of teff.