Our Story

Moges, Guirec and Monica - three individuals passionate about helping developing nations by bringing helpful additions to their communities.

During our travels to Ethiopia for June Lite KIND Bulbs, we fell in love with one of the staple “breads” there called injera.  We would eat injera a few times a day, everyday, thanks to Guirec whose fondness for it rivals his love of a French baguettes (coming close).  While enjoying it one afternoon, our partner Moges, of Ethiopian descent, brought to our attention the nutritional wealth of this amazing bread which we learned was made from teff grain. Our love for injera ended up being just the beginning, the benefits of this lovely bread were all a result of this magical grain - teff.  It took no time at all for us to start the conversation about bringing it to our beloved Haiti. We knew we needed to find out more - so we did.  

Our partner Moges has long wanted to embark on a journey to cultivate teff and enjoyed the idea of attempting to plant it in a country like Haiti where it could contribute in multiple ways - job creation, highly nutritious addition to their diet, cultivating land that needed a year long crop... 

During our research, we found out that teff shares the limelight with certain other superfoods like the egg. Packed with amino acids and plenty of various vitamins in high doses, teff has won the grain medallion of valor of  in our book. It is an awesome daily provider of healthy energy and can be deemed a nutritionally dense food.

FUN FACTS: Teff is the oldest grain ever cultivated! It is believed that since 4000 BC teff has been a staple of the Ethiopian diet. Ethiopia has its roots to the 2nd millennium BC and is considered as the region from which modern humans first set out.

Our idea of selling teff is the supporting sentiment in wanting to share this particular power food with other cultures in need. This is, in part, why we decided to grow the grain in Haiti. In an attempt to promote the culture of teff among local farmers offering them a good living, a sustainable nutritious grain able to be sold to locally and internationally.

An added benefit would be to introduce the Ethiopian culture which shares a dense history as a black nation that is independent of foreign reign similar to Haiti. 

The same thought was inspiring us to find our brand name. Finding our brand name was a NO BRAINER. As we mentioned prior, one of our partners, Moges, is Ethiopian. He is one of the most passionate people when it comes to teff foraging in developing nations,wanting to help bring healthy food to others. Being from Ethiopia and the “father” of this idea, the brand of our teff in reverence of his  lifelong career. You see, in  Ethiopia, everyone calls him Captain because he is a former jet pilot. Actually Captain Moges can fly any flying machine known to man (we think).  So it came suddenly: our teff brand will be personalized by Captain Moges and the Ethiopian pride that lives and breathes through his existence, humility, traditions and dedication; wanting to share of his country's gift - Teff.